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We provide an affordable, fixed-rate, and white-glove solution for managing cap tables on platforms like Carta. Whether you’re in need of onboarding onto cap table management software, ongoing equity administration assistance, or a cap table audit, we’ll get the job done quickly and accurately.

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Our offerings
Focus on your business. We’ll focus on your equity.

Premier Onboarding

Checkmate Equity helps companies quickly onboard onto cap table platforms while making the traditionally hands-on process hands-off. Send us your equity docs and we’ll take it from there.

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Equity Administration

Checkmate Equity offers white-glove equity administration services for companies interested in putting the management of their cap tables on autopilot. We ensure cap tables are up-to-date and accurate

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Cap Table Audit

Checkmate Equity conducts cap table audits for companies to ensure proper authorization, compliance, and accuracy. This is a vital service for companies ahead of financings, M&A, financial audits, or an IPO.

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How we differ

We’re upfront and honest.

Price Transparency

Price Transparency

No need to jump through hoops, have multiple calls, or negotiate. We keep things simple in everything we do. Our pricing is straightforward and found directly on our website.



Our business model is built on offering equity solutions at an affordable rate as we recognize the importance of keeping cap tables both accurate and up-to-date.

Carta Specialized

Carta Specialized

Simplicity enables efficiency. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on serving clients who use the Carta platform, the leader among cap table management software providers.

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our team

Don’t worry, we’ve done this before.

Prior to launching Checkmate Equity, our founding team spent years working for Carta where we assisted or managed the implementation of thousands of companies.

We’re also strong believers in continued education, which is why our staff holds Equity Compensation Associate (ECA) designations from the Certified Equity Professional Institute of Santa Clara University.

Our specialization in the Carta platform and equity experience allows us to provide the cap table management service you can trust.

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